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Diego Imbert

Bass, Double Bass



Born in 1966 in Paris, he first studies the classical violin during ten years before practising jazz at the CIM in Paris in 1986-1987, then at the CMCN in 1988-1989, where he teaches the bass starting in 1991. He also starts collaborating to the review Bass & Drums that same year. In 1992, he records ‘Hot Sand’ with Jean-Marie Viguier and joins the new Big Band from Lorraine ‘Shake Orchestra’. At the same time, he begins to study the double bass, particularly with Eddie Gomez, Hein Van de Geyen and Jean-François Jenny Clark (summer of 1996)…

 In 1993, he releases his first disc ‘Amestys’ under the EMD label. This album features Louis WINBERG, Eric SEVA, Christian JACOB and André CHARLIER among others. ‘Ametys’ is also the name of the band he founds in 1994 and that he will lead on different stages, such as the Nice Jazz Festival in 1995 for instance. In 1995, he records an album with 4 songs entitled ‘Opale’ (EMD 9501) with Pierre-Alain Goualch, José Barrachina (guitar), Jacques TELLITOCCI (percussion instruments) and Franck AGULHON (drums).

 In 1995, he also records the album ‘Sage’ for the EMD label with Jean-Marie Viguier and Franck AGULHON.

 Since 1998, he has regularly accompanied Birelli Lagrene, but also numerous other bands including these of the guitar player Alex Jacquemin, of the singer Viviane Ginapé, of the saxophonist Sylvain Beuf and of the pianist Jean-Yves Jung.


He is also a member of the Valérie GRASCHAIRE Quartet.


1991 - HOT SAND - Jean-Marie VIGUIER (EMD 001)

1993 - AMETYS - Diego IMBERT (EMD 9301)

1995 - OPALE -  Diego IMBERT (EMD 9501)

1996 - SAGE - Jean-Marie VIGUIER Trio  (EMD 9601)

1999 - ANGUSTIA D'AMOUR - Shake Orchestra  (ORJL 002)

1999 - SPIRIT OF THE MOMENT - Derrick James & Wesley " G " (Mons Records)

2000 - STEP WISE -  Ernie HAMMES  (auto – production)

1999 - NEW ACCORDEON - Frédéric SCHLICK (auto-production)

2000 - SHORT STORIES - Oliver STRAUCH Trio  (Mons Records)

2000 - Lasy Days -  Ro GEBHARDT and Band (Mons Records)

2001 - STORY OF -  Alex JACQUEMIN Quartet (Cristal Records)

2001 - TRIO -  Sylvain BEUF (NAÏVE )

2001 - GIPSY PROJECT - Biréli LAGRENE (2001 Dreyfus Jazz)

2004 - ANOTHER BUILDING - Sylvain BEUF TRIO (RDC Records)

2004 - RENDEZ-VOUS - de Pierre BLANCHARD & Dorado SCHMITT (Harmonia Mundi)