About the CD "AMETYS

"Diego Imbert surrounded himself well: Louis Winsberg, Eric Seva, Felix Sabal-Lecco... and proposes a wide variety of jazz-rock- fusion music. We can greet the high quality of all the compositions and the interpretation, and also the creation of a great diversity of atmospheres, increased by many participants in the different pieces..." (Paolo COCCINA - Guitarist - April 1994)

About concerts

Carnaval du Jazz (2002) Concert: The Barend Middelhoff Quintet

Saxophone player Barend Middelhoff belongs to the genuine top of tenor players of Dutch heritage. Since 1993 he was a member of The Houdini's. Performed as a leader on the North Sea Jazz Festival for the first time in 1992. Won the first price on the prestigious Middelsee Jazz Concours. In 1995 he traveled to New York to record his debut album "Soil". Studied there one year later with Jimmy Heath and George Garzone. Recorded "The River", his second CD. Performed and recorded with such great musicians like John Engels, Corry van Binsbergen, The Amsterdam Jazz Ouintet, Denise Janah, The Fra Fra Big Band, the Houdini's and many more. In 1999 he moved to Paris. And now he brings in our club his 'All Star French Quintet'. (By the way, they will release their first CD in January 2002, so also in our club). Formed in June 2000. The top of the Paris jazz scene!

Les Trinitaires (2002)

Concert with the Ernie Hammes Quintet and Mister Oz Big Band featuring Bob Mintzer. The trumpet player from Luxembourg, surrounded by a Franco-American team of a perfect level, shows that he is extraordinarily fit and happy to play. His last record, ‘STEPWISE’ was recorded in New York with the contribution of the sax player Bob Mintzer. It delivers an aesthetic that could compete with great international productions.

 Sunside Jazz Club (2002) Concert with the Barend Middlehoff Quintet

The young Dutch sax player is already recognised by the overall of the Jazz Diaspora from Paris for his skills as a composer. He has now come to introduce his new work along with most experienced musicians. A rare musical combination…

 Sunside Jazz Club (2002) Concert with the Bireli Lagrène Gypsy Project.

Born in a gypsy family and raised in the tradition and the respect of Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrène is undoubtedly the most talented guitarist of his generation. His renown is international. He has played with the greatest : John McLaughlin, Stéphane Grappelli, Jaco Pastorius, Didier Lockwood, Michel Petrucciani and many more. Here is the project everybody was expecting from him with the help of his lifelong musician friends, who are specialists of the musical genre. Viva Django…

Les Trinitaires (2002)Concert with the Sylvain Beuf Trio

‘Nouveau Talent Jazz’ (‘New Jazz Talent’) at the recent Victoires de la Musique (Music Awards), Sylvain Beuf  gives a great room to a repertory composed of original compositions or revised standards. The musical chemistry does its trick beautifully and leaves a lot of room to emotion.