"Dorado SINGS" 


With this CD, Dorado signs the album he‘s been wanting to do for years. Here he is in the full dimension of his talent: composer (he adds here new melodies to the list we owe him and that already have become standards), author (he’s so fulfilled with feelings and emotions that he needs three languages to express himself!), singer (with that “haze” that life lays on attaching crooner’s voices), guitarist (a few solos, too rare, reminds us of what caliber of improviser we are dealing with).

Let’s make no mistake about it, there is a real risk taken here: some won’t fail to reproach him the abandon of his “gipsy jazz hero” suit (he didn’t even bother to bring his violin!)

But that refusal of any “packaged image”, of any role of which one wouldn’t know how to emancipate, of any assignment, shows us Dorado as he is: a free man.


  (Author of “Django”  Ed. de la Parenthèse 1998)









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