"Voici ma main" is a beautiful success with great expectation from the young southern pianist, "ex-protégé of Tony Petrucciani," and his TRYO. As an interesting composer from the major part of the repertoire and instrumentalist with impressive skills, particularly in the percussive way which he's fond of in the stream of Monk or Tyner, Goualch is shouldered by an excellent rhythm section which is dynamic, flexible and constantly listen to each other. It is the evolution of this trio that combines freshness and punch, as much as the career of its leader does, is interesting to be kept track of." (Jazz Magazine - June 1997 - Thierry Quenum)

As a matter of fact, the trio, piano-bass-drums, is a widespread combination. This one plays high-quality music which gives listeners positive impression. The pianist is never lack of ideas, and the players in rhythm section are very talented. Three of them can make use of the original repertoire freely: the trumps are there…

The "JAZZMAN" magazine placed him among the 35 most promising international pianists. (Jazzman - 3 stars - March 97 - Arnaud MERLIN)

"They have undoubtedly the energy which nature confers to young people but to hear them and look at them playing, they have also the experience and the dexterity of their glorious elder..."

"The French jazz holds in that trio the great musicians of tomorrow (...) What is astonishing in these three musicians are the harmony and the complicity which exist among them. Each instrument is used to emphasize the others for the best result..."

TRYO knew to show that the diversity of the musical influences was not an obstacle with a repertoire of quality"

 (L'Est Républicain - November 96)