« This compact disk, was done under osmosis,  with a singer “fan” of Monk’s music; Valérie Graschaire. She expresses herself in English as well as in French, very sensitively and tenderly, magnificently accompagnied by Pierre-Alain Goualch..

On this subject, I would like to bring your attention on the fact that even if Monk had made some Broadway melodies his own, wrapping them in his own unique atmosphere, the soloist Pierre-Alain does not imitate Monk but incorporates his style in his playing for our greatest pleasure. In short, this natural meeting between two wholehearted “monkians” proves to our ears that if all of Monk’s compositions had been songs, they would have easily become hits.

This is an evidence and this duet impregnated with a common admiration for the only Melodious Thonk shows this brilliantly.» 

By François Postif, January 2001 ( writer, author of  “Blue Monk” - Actes Sud Edition)

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