There is something obvious about Kilimandjaro’s music… It is a band of eight musicians that play as one, each of them supporting the others. As a result, they can take all the liberties they want, bringing about unexpected surprises for the listener. In fact Kilimandjaro is not strictly speaking just another Blues band, and that is very probably where its difference and strength lie.

Rhythm & Blues is unquestionably the basis of their music. Just listen to the omnipresent brass section as well as the efficient but – which is worth precising – not all-absorbing and subtle guitar. As for the other influences, the band finds its way through Afro-American and Jamaican flavors. For instance, the wonderful ‘Shot in the Neighborhood’ is a plain old minor blues like we all know but the following track ‘I Know it is You’ is a reggae tune in the purest tradition. (…) When you listen to their music you hear genuine warmth coming from rare spontaneity and generosity. Abraham Sidissaya Yameogo’s voice, leader of this band from Nancy, certainly has something to do with this feeling you get. Just rush at it!

 ("Travel in Blues"  May 98 - E. GUILLERMOND)



Abraham Yameogo

Purchase without risks and voyage guaranteed

 ("Best" - Vincent FEUVRIER)

... One needs a good ear to guess that the group does not arrive straight away from Chicago.

("Jazzman" - April 98 - C. DRIANCOURT)

The production stresses spontaneous ness and the collective power has been appreciated by all those who saw the group in concert... Except in USA, there's not many singers reaching of this level...

Brass dancing blues, slow blues, reggae, you will find all that is necessary to justify the acquisition of this disc.

("Soul bag" - April 98)

What imports the words ! It is well the nevertheless it's really the Goddess Mother hidden in the ground of deep black Africa, who works out her achievement in the heart of all this alchemy.

 ("L'Est Républicain" - March 98 - Xavier BROCKER)

A merry mixture between the established blues' structure and the freedom of the African music.

("L'Est Républicain" - March 98 - Antoine PETRY)

I refused to believe one moment that we were in Nancy so much the groove is American... I'm ashamed caus' I had no met kilimandjaro's music yet… One can feels experience of life behind all this…

("Couleur FM / Hot Time" - Francis RATEAU)