Hot Sand (EMD 001)

"Hot Sand develops from the first to the last track a musical expression whose sophistication never sinks into mannerism. Atmospheres follow each other without artifices, multiplying colors whose cordial generosity has an immediate seduction. This delightment is created by the efficient playing of the keyboards and the guitar..."

(Jean-Paul Germonville - Est Républicain - 05/27/92)


CD "Hot Sand" (EMD 001)


Sans profession

Sage... (EMD 9601)

"In a style that uses a lot of chord playing, Viguier transmits bluesy emotions, with the shadow of Wes for background. On "Sundown", shapes make themselves rounder, silkier, it is another characteristic of his playing. The trio is at its best in the appreciable and quiet pieces like the very positive "No". The whole album is very pleasant, with fantasies like "Coincidence" which are integrated very well in this "Sage"..."

(Michel Maestracci - Jazz Hot - February 1997)


CD "Sage..." (EMD 9601)

Thirty All

Las guitarras