E. Bass

Born in 1973 in Bruxelles, with Rwanda origins, he lives actually in Paris.

He studies drums in 1988 and starts playing with several bands in Luxembourg and Belgium like:

- Kasha quartet (jazz)

- Alaskan Dog Shop (funk, acid-jazz)

At that time, he also starts practicing the electric bass and from 1996, he participates in numerous musical projects, all different, but giving priority to rhythm:

- Groove delivery (jazz-funk) in Luxembourg and Bruxelles

- Carlos Arboledo group (Equatorian rock), Los Sals'Heroes (salsa, Latin-jazz), Grégory Lamy quartet (jazz) in Luxembourg

- Triana Flamenco de Marco Garcia (modern flamenco dance), in Luxembourg and Germany

- Christian Michard trio (jazz), Inner Gate (trip-hop), José Seguido quartet (jazz) in Paris

He joins Briegel Bros Band in 2000, becoming the « official » substitute for Cyrille