Cyrille BriegelCyrille Briegel


Born in 1966, he studies electric bass at the Jazz Action Montpellier school of music at age 15 with Barre Phillips and Dominique Di Piazza, and performs with several jazz bands.

At age 20, he moves to Los Angeles and plays in clubs frequently with Islands of Time (Latin jazz).

He also studies with Gary Willis (bassist with Wayne Shorter and Scott Henderson).

Back in France three years later, he founds the Briegel Bros. Band with his brother Nathanaël,  and records the first CD of the BBB in 1994 "Voyage en Eaux Troubles" for the EMD label. In the same time he teaches at the Centre Musical Créatif de Nancy School of Music and joins the Brazilian music band Guaraná.

He also uses a computer to record sequences for pedagogical matters from miscellaneous recordings and is now a member of the jazz big band Shake Orchestra.

Since, its career is associated with Briegel Bros Band's and the trio Catalina founded in 1997 with his brother Nathanaël and the percussionist Yvon Susini.

In 1999 he records "Détours," 2nd album under his name with the BBB, (distinguished by 3 stars) in the French Magazine JAZZMAN) and tours with the band in Japan and all over Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Moldova, etc.)Cyrille Briegel.

In 2001 for family reasons, he moved to Taiwan. He's currently playing with bands mixed with Taiwanese, American, Japanese, Canadian, German and Australian musicians. In 2005, he joined Russell Rodgers (electric and acoustic guitars, dobro and bouzouki, Canada) and Marie-Eve Bojold (vocal, Canada) to form "Les Chats Noirs", a jazz & blues band with a vintage sound influenced by Blues and French music from the 30's. Dafu (drums, Japan) and Wesley James (trumpet, U.S.A) later joined the band.

He also plays with various other bands including Major Huang (piano, Taiwan), Mark Kuo (keyboards, Taiwan), Michael Haack (sax, Germany), Hope Yeh (guitar, Taiwan) just to name a few.

He also participated two years in a row at the International Jazz Festival of Taichung (October 2005 and 2006) and the Taipei Blues festival

In 2006, he participates to the new record of BBB Co'Errances".


1994 :  «  Voyage en Eaux Troubles » with Briegel Bros. Band  EMD 9401 Distribution Abeille

1995 :  « Guarana Brasil » TKR 941 avec Sandra Maria

1997 « Jazz From France » French office of New-York other French Bands

2000 : «  Détours » de Briegel Bros. Band EMD 9901 Distribution Abeille 

2006 : « Co'Errances »  (EMD 0602 Distribution Abeille)