Close to the music that comes from the heart and  also talks to the mind, far from fundamentalisms, whether they are conservative from avant-garde or commercial,  EMD is “all ears” to the musicians who have something to say and know how to tell it…

Since the beginning of last century, born in the effervescence of the New World rise, Jazz has integrated every culture, not only from America where it was born but also from Europe, Asia and Africa where a part of its roots lies. At the same time it has always been the means through which musicians have expressed social realities and artistic revolutions.

In Lorraine, land of immigration, Jazz has found a fertile soil to let its roots grow …and artists with great talent to serve it through several different styles, each time with conviction, sincerity, emotion, freedom and poetry…

Jazz in Lorraine is nestling in a casket that is the label “Etonnants Messieurs Durand“…

"Fugitivus Errans", new record of Jean-Michel Albertucci (piano) & Alexandre Ambroziak (drums) is available now!!!..

"Maré Tchavengé", the  new record of  "Timbo Mehrstein Gypsy Jazz Ensemble", is coming out!


Last  Recordings

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Fugitivus Errans

Jean-Michel Albertucci, piano

Alexandre Ambroziak, batterie



Tentacules (extrait)

Masques (extrait)

Ailes, plumes et becs (extrait)

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Maré Tchavengé  (For our children)


Timbo Mehrstein Gypsy Jazz Ensemble

After the 2  « cult» albums he released with Samson Schmitt (his alter ego on guitar), the talent of the violinist Timbo Mehrstein  brakes out in fireworks with the album "Maré Tchavengé", where its mellow and  smooth playing, based on a bebop groove inherited directly from Stephane Grappelli, plays "swing" and  "bossa" melodies, and what we can call the "Gypsy blues".

He is accompanied by  the passionate  musicians of his  Gypsy Jazz Ensemble: Geisela Reinhardt, guitar, Mario Fantauzzi, accordion and accordina, Popots and Benji Walters, rhythmic guitars, Jean-Gérard Loescher, double bass, and the guest:

Sebastian Felix guitar and Nathanael Briegel, guitar.

Playing a majority of original titles dedicated to their children: Smillya, Shelby, Maydji, Kenya, Swann, Brenda, Gwendy...



Parapluies de Cherbourg      Miri Smillya  

  For Brenda       Un jour de juillet











A retrospective of Jazz from 1955 to 1998


3 CD, 146 musicians, 33 titles, 22 bands, 36 pages of texts and documents!

(a "premiere" in France!)


Thirty three sound illustrations of jazz history as lived in a French region which traditionally is an immigration land.


The various styles that have made the richness of jazz on both sides of the Atlantic: New Orleans, Gospel, Swing, Bebop, Free Jazz, Fusion, Rythm’n Blues, Blues Rock are following, answering, competing and mixed with each other, by bands going from duos to big-bands in predominantly “live” records, in which nostalgia is fighting with the heat of improvisation.

The 3 CDs gathering the 33 titles together are accompanied by a 36 pages booklet commenting each work and situating it in its time.


Listen !


Vol du bourdon (boogie woogie)  (Jean Mirandola Trio)

  Lullaby of Birdland (Peanuts Holland & Nancy Jazz Hot Dogs)

Back Home (Laurent Gianez Big Band)

   I feel so  bad (Mister D)

Dinah (Chela Weiss Quintet)


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Jean Mirandola Trio, Peanuts Holland et  son orchestre, The New Orleans Wild Cats Jazz Band, René Perrout Trio, La gamme en fa, New Orleans Preachers, Chela Weiss Quintet.


Afrodisax, Artefact, Colophon, Ivan Jullien, Agapao.


Mister OZ's Big Band, Astrid Paymal Quintet, Jazz à deux, Laurent Gianez Big Band, Orchestre Régional de Jazz de Lorraine "Shake Orchestra",  Mister Bird,  Sweet Stick & Patrick De Santos, B. Movie, Laurent Gianez Quartet, Mister D.


de Jean-Michel ALBERTUCCI, piano solo


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  Danseur     Horizontale      Diagonale






by  Samson SCHMITT / Timbo MEHRSTEIN

Gypsy Jazz Band



Samson SCHMITT, guitar, Timbo MEHRSTEIN, violin,

Mayo HUBERT,  rhythm guitar, Gautier LAURENT, bass,

+ guest  Ludovic BEIER, accordion, Nat BRIEGEL, guitar,

Bronson SCHMITT, rhythm guitar.


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        Ma petite Alicia      Swing for Doudoune     

                            Tango for Piazzola



Starring 2012

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 by BRIEGEL Bros Band



Nathanaël BRIEGEL, guitar, Philippe LECLERC, saxophone,

Apollo MUNYANSHONGORE, bass, Jean-Marc ROBIN, drums ,

+ Guest  Cyrille BRIEGEL, bass & Marc PUJOL, percussions.

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     Kyniatan       Humanimaux            Octobre


by  TH8

Charles DAVOT , drums, percussions, vibes

Michel DELTRUC, drums, percussions Jérôme HULIN, djembé, percussions, Jacques TELLITOCCI, vibes, marimba, percussions...


Standing as tireless music explorers, unyielding sound discoverers, TH8 (4 percussions) make instruments out of everything they can get their hands on : wood, metal, plastic, glass, hides...

The most peculiar objects are shocked, hit, caressed, creating a collective music, melting-pot of tradition and improvisation... Insanely creative, those ‘étonnants messieurs délirants’ (i.e ‘amazing wild gentlemen’ in reference to the label ‘étonnants messieurs durand’) would turn a stone into a symphony...


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  Derbouska            Bonjour               trop bell's


by Dorado SCHMITT Quintet


Dorado SCHMITT Quintet with Pierre-Alain Goualch, piano,

Ludovic Beier, accordion, accordina, Gautier Laurent, double bass, Franck Agulhon, drums


               With this Cd, Dorado signs the album he‘s been wanting to do for years. Here he is in the full dimension of his talent: composer (he adds here new melodies to the list we owe him and that already have become standards), author (he’s so fulfilled with feelings and emotions that he needs three languages to express himself!), singer (with that “haze” that life lays on attaching crooner’s voices), guitarist (a few solos, too rare, reminds us of what calibre of improviser we are dealing with).

Let’s make no mistake about it, there is a real risk taken here: some won’t fail to reproach him the abandon of his “gipsy jazz hero” suit (he didn’t even bother to bring his violin!)

But that refusal of any “packaged image”, of any role of which one wouldn’t know how to emancipate, of any assignment, shows us Dorado as he is: a free man.


 Patrick Williams

 (Author of  « Django » Ed. de la Parenthèse 1998)

published in 2005! To order click here

Listen !           Sad and beautiful        

                        Samba Dorado      

                        Le Swing



Histoires Courtes pour Piano et Batterie


 of Pierre-Alain Goualch & Franck Agulhon



The musicians from this band bring their instrument out of their fondamental role. The piano revives the tradition of percussive instrument while the drums flirt with harmony and melodies that are so often banned from their register. Both of them push the limits of their instrument’s sound texture, taking them to still ill-defined frontiers as they haven’t really been explored yet.

 That’s how they create a freedom space they use as an opportunity to transcend forms and clichés, where everything can happen, where everything is allowed... They found their inspiration during experiences with African, South-American, Indian music as well as electro music composers.

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Listen !  Drum n'keys for papa  


              Romane's world         



Still available


"DJIESKE" ( gypsy swing !!!)

With Samson SCHMITT Quintet and "Special Guest" Samson's father Dorado Schmitt

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